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The 50 Best Yoga Blogs
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The 50 Best Yoga Blogs

The 50 Best Yoga Blogs

In the world of yoga, there’s no shortage of wisdom, knowledge, or inspiration. The vastness of information surrounding yoga can be overwhelming, but fortunately, some hard-working yogis have taken to blogs to help others learn useful tools and techniques for getting the most out of their practice. If you’re seeking the best insightful, enlightening, and practical yoga blogs, you’ve come to the right place! The extensive array of topics you’ll discover in these blogs is reflective of the most significant aspect of yoga: that it’s for everyone!

How to Start or Improve Your Yoga Blog

  • Decide on your best means of communication – Experiment with audio, text, and videos.
  • Break up long posts into smaller posts.
  • Map out the order of your posts to make them cohesive.
  • Make your content in batches and strategically post it.
  • Answer the questions you hear asked the most.

The 50 Best Yoga Blogs:

1. Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga
Daily Cup of Yoga. Credits

Start your day off right with Daily Cup of Yoga. This blog features a comprehensive list of Sanskrit terms, posts from guest writers, tips and tricks for surviving in the yoga world, must-read books, and infinite wisdom.

2. Do You Yoga

Do You Yoga
Do You Yoga. Credits

Do You Yoga is an uplifting community for anyone ready to transform their life with yoga. Tons of dedicated followers make this brand the perfect place to start your journey to total well-being.

3. Yoga Journal 

Yoga Journal 
Yoga Journal . Credits

A well-known yoga blog that covers a wide range of topics from prenatal yoga to where beginners should start, and how to live a yogic lifestyle.

4. Yoganonymous

Yoganonymous. Credits

This blog has a notable focus on astrology and wellness with a full directory of leading yoga instructors and their recent posts.

5. Your Vegan Boyfriend

Your Vegan Boyfriend
Your Vegan Boyfriend. Credits

Thinking about going vegan or already there but feeling a little stuck in your meal choices? Vegan Boyfriend is a great blog with tons of easy-to-make recipes.

6. The Yoga Lunchbox

The Yoga Lunchbox
The Yoga Lunchbox

One thoughtful yogi’s personal journey turned into a full-time, community-oriented blog featuring classic texts and stories.

7. Yoga By Candace

Yoga By Candace
Yoga By Candace. Credits

Candace gives her readers an honest perspective on the reality of teaching yoga. She also includes fitness tips, yoga sequences, and recipe guides.

8. The Daily Downward Dog

 The Daily Downward Dog
The Daily Downward Dog. Credits

This cleverly-titled blog offers regular updates and recommendations for a yogic lifestyle. It highlights music, retreats, and any other common yoga-related subjects.

9. Starr Struck

Starr Struck
Starr Struck. Credits

This yoga lifestyle blog details specific yoga exercises with lovely imagery and informative interviews.

10. Gigi Yogini

Gigi Yogini
Gigi Yogini . Credits

gi Yogini, AKA Brigitte Kouba, writes candid, engaging and entertaining blog posts about her experiences yoga teacher, practitioner, and mother.

11. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene. Credits

Adriene encourages people to step outside their comfort zones and find the right yoga practice to suit their unique needs. Her instructions prepare new students for their first public class while challenging the stereotypes surrounding a traditional yoga practice.

12. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles
Tara Stiles. Credits

Tara Stiles, the founder of Strala Yoga, brings in her blogs a comprehensive guide to feeling good in your body. She includes yoga tips, healthy recipes, and clever little like hacks.

13. One With Life

One With Life
One With Life. Credits

This blog channels everything from travel to meditation to chakras. Stephanie uses a creative approach to tacking all yoga-related topics to give readers endless inspiration and information.

14. My Yoga Blog

My Yoga Blog
My Yoga Blog. Credits

A dedicated yoga practitioner shares their beliefs in this thought-provoking yoga blog. They include photography, book reviews, and a journal outlining their yogic lifestyle.

15. Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga
Ekhart Yoga. Credits

Ekhart Yoga is an excellent source for yoga videos and articles that are helpful for experts or beginners. The website is very well-organized so readers can easily find topics that resonate with them.

16. The Yoga Mint

The Yoga Mint
The Yoga Mint. Credits

This blog keeps it short and sweet with their posts, but there’s always something to learn from them. Topics range from health and well-being to beauty and yoga.

17. Thai Sky

Thai Sky
Thai Sky. Credits

Thai Sky is a motivational blog that embraces the mental and spiritual components to total well-being. It’s unlike many yoga practices in that it doesn’t focus on the physical postures, rather on the fluctuating state of mind.

18. Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics
Yoga Basics. Credits

This blog suits its name well with everything you need to know about yoga from anatomy and health to controversy and fashion. This blog will keep you up to date on everything you need to know about the latest yoga trends.

19. Spirit Voyage

Spirit Voyage
Spirit Voyage. Credits

This blog will help you learn to integrate yoga into your life for good. Topics are expressed with a sense of humor and range from aromatherapy and herbalism to music and meditation.

20. Yogi Times

Yogi Times
Yogi Times. Credits

If the regular newspaper isn’t quite your thing, try the Yogi Times where you’ll find posts about art, yoga, travel, and food.

21. Brown Yoga

Brown Yoga
Brown Yoga. Credits

Brown uses an honest writing style to share his experience as a yoga teacher. His teaching style reflects a more traditional approach, focused on breath-awareness and self-examination.

22. Yoga Dragon Den

Yoga Dragon Den
Yoga Dragon Den . Credits

The posts on Yoga Dragon Den are long and brilliantly-written. They cover reflections on Ashtanga, yogic theory, and sometimes even chess!

23. Adam Hocke Yoga

Adam Hocke Yoga
Adam Hocke Yoga. Credits

In his blog, Adam Hocke includes inspiration along with various resources to guide yoga students and teachers of all levels.

24. Whole Life Yoga

Whole Life Yoga
Whole Life Yoga. Credits

Tracey’s posts on Whole Life Yoga show readers how to use their yoga practice to impact the lives of those around them. Her blog creates a real sense of mutual support and compassion.

25. It’s All Yoga, Baby


It’s All Yoga, Baby
It’s All Yoga, Baby . Credits

It’s All Yoga, Baby . Credits www.itsallyogababy.comThe blog of Roseanne Harvey brings a thought-provoking perspective on all things yoga and examines how it relates to popular culture. She explores common issues in the yoga world with a witty personality.

26. Ripple of One Stone

Ripple of One Stone
Ripple of One Stone. Credits

Check out this blog for advice on how to avoid injuries in your yoga practice. They include professional and scientific research on the proper and improper methods for individual postures.

27. The Bad Yogi

The Bad Yogi
The Bad Yogi. Credits

Because not everyone can be totally zen all the time – This blog offers an honest outlook on the world of yoga. Their goal is to end the snobby, judgmental nature of the yoga community and make it more inclusive.

28. Alive In The Fire

Alive In The Fire
Alive In The Fire. Credits

Alive in the Fire is centered around self-love and compassion. Her thoughtful posts contain beautiful photos and plenty of reviews from dedicated followers.

29. Yoga Modern

Yoga Modern
Yoga Modern. Credits

Yoga Modern blends ancient yogic wisdom with a modern attitude to give readers a relatable look at culture, health, global issues, and art.

30. AnacostiaYogi

AnacostiaYogi. Credits

This is the blog of Sariane Leigh, a yoga instructor who specializes in spiritual practices and draws inspiration from her African-American heritage.

31. Yoga Dork

Yoga Dork
Yoga Dork. Credits

Yoga Dork lives up to its name with a constant, humorous feed of current yoga events, fashion, meditation tips, and more.

32. Spoiled Yogi

Spoiled Yogi
Spoiled Yogi. Credits

Erica Rodefer Winters, a pre and postnatal yoga instructor, is behind this refreshingly blunt blog. She offers plenty of resources for women in every stage of pregnancy and motherhood.

33. My Yoga Blog

My Yoga Blog
My Yoga Blog. Credits

This blog is an excellent way for the yoga community as a whole to come together and share their experiences. The blog highlights a wide range of topics and even donates 50% of their advertising revenue to charity!

34. Yoga Minded

Yoga Minded
Yoga Minded. Credits www

This blog is an excellent resource for anyone interested in sharing the practice of yoga with teens.

35. Yoga Lisa DC

Yoga Lisa DC
Yoga Lisa DC. Credits

Lisa’s blog outlines how she uses yoga and knitting to help her reduce everyday stress and stay fit.

36. Om Gal

Om Gal.
Om Gal. .Credits

Renowned yoga teacher, Rebecca Pacheco, uses her blog to share fashion tips, yoga advice, and a peek into her daily life.

37. Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen
Rachel Brathen. Credits

It’s Instagram’s favorite yogi, Rachel Brathen (AKA Yoga Girl) shares inspiring messages about motherhood, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurship, and yoga.

38. Yoga International

Yoga International
Yoga International. Credits

This blog provides high-quality, informative content that’s relevant to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

39. Karma Spot

Karma Spot
Karma Spot. Credits

This blog is good enough for the whole family to enjoy! It contains clever ideas for both parents and children in addition to fun activities to do together.

40. Wild Places Yoga

Wild Places Yoga
Wild Places Yoga. Credits

Restore your connection to nature using a consistent yoga practice with help from this blog. The stunning imagery and captivating posts will have you ready to roll out your mat in the great outdoors.

41. The Yoga Trail

The Yoga Trail
The Yoga Trail. Credits

This blog fills you in on what’s happening in the yoga community – Giving you insider tips and tricks that benefit everyone from yoga teachers and seasoned practitioners to newbies. They highlight different yoga teachers around the world and connect people along the “yoga trail.”

42. Yogi Aaron || Biography of a Naked Yogi

Yogi Aaron
Yogi Aaron. Credits

In his blog, Yogi Aaron speaks practically to uplift and inspire others with messages that are both hopeful and relatable. His empowering posts are constant reminders to connect with the present moment.

43. The Journey Junkie

The Journey Junkie
The Journey Junkie . Credits

In this blog, Allie Flavio offers her perspective on blogging, life goals, sources of inspiration, yoga, travel, and lifestyle, accompanied by some beautiful photos.

44. Elena Brower

Elena Brower
Elena Brower. Credits

Elena Brower’s blog posts are a beautiful combination of soulful poetry and unique insights into the professional yoga world.

45. Little Flower Yoga

Little Flower Yoga
Little Flower Yoga. Credits

This blog is an excellent resource for finding tips related to yoga for children. It offers ideas, books, and stories to inspire a yogic lifestyle for little yogis.

46. Marianne Elliot

Marianne Elliot
Marianne Elliot. Credits

This yoga teacher turned human rights activist motivates readers with her engaging posts that aim to make the world a better place.

47. Yoga For Healthy Aging

Yoga For Healthy Aging
Yoga For Healthy Aging. Credits

The name of this blog says it all – You can expect advice on how to age gracefully along with the science behind how yoga aids in the aging processes.

48. Yogi Crystal

Yogi Crystal
Yogi Crystal. Credits

In her relatable blog, Yogi Crystal talks about her personal journey with yoga, life, wine and running.

49. Yoga Spy

Yoga Spy
Yoga Spy. Credits

Yoga Spy gives readers an inside look at yoga culture in North America using personal stories and frequently asked questions.

50. Yoga Hub

Yoga Hub
Yoga Hub. Credits

Yoga Hub is the source for all things related to yoga from a medical or scientific standpoint. It offers readers an educational perspective on the practice and enlightens beginners to its numerous benefits.

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