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The One Word That Could Change Your Life
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The One Word That Could Change Your Life

The One Word That Could Change Your Life

Using words to set intentions on the way you want to live your life, grow, and become more fine tuned in with your true self has more power than we may think.

Words have power. We use them every single day. In some way or another. Our thoughts, conversations, communication, action, description, the list goes on. We don’t often think deeply about the power that our words. What we think, write, and say have to do with how we feel and our environment.

It has become much more common to hear and see more negative statements in our society. And we also are thinking and expressing more that way too. We often hear that we don’t have enough whether it is we don’t have enough money, possessions, relationships, good looks, you name it. Or we express the amount of stress or bad luck happenings like “woe is me” and that those things will never get better. With more negative thoughts, more emotional weight and clouded your true self will become. This will continue to grow if there isn’t a change towards bringing in positive thoughts and cleansing of the negative thoughts occurs, otherwise the negative that has always been thought will continue to be and grow. Here are 5 ways you can select a word that just might change your life!

Using Words With The Law of Attraction

Using Words With The Law of Attraction
Using Words With The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the idea that all of our thoughts in some way become a reality in connections to our words that come from our thoughts, what we say to ourselves, what we say to others, the way we think of ourselves, our environment, etc. Meaning that we think and the type of emotion we put into something will attract more of that kind of emotion. For example, if someone is always saying how stressed they are, too busy, and can’t make ends meet then that will continue. However if the thoughts can be intentionally reframed to, for example, find peace even in the challenging times, then that peace will come easier as the intention has been set.

So, what if instead of living in the negative, we each had our own tool to bring us back into our core values, desires, and passions for our lives. One word for instance. One word that reminds you what you are living each day for, striving for, and experiencing fully even through the negative things. By bringing in awareness towards your core values, more of the positive and values that you strive for in your life will grow more abundant.

Connecting to Your Word

Connecting to Your Word
Connecting to Your Word

Words are more than a collection of letters, they have meaning and create intentions in our daily lives. As we go on in each day, having one word that tunes you in to your values and the way you want to live your life along with how you want to approach your own experiences can make a positive difference in your overall state of being. It may not come easy at first to turn your mind towards your word, but with time it will come with more ease and improve your emotional, mental, and physical beings by the way that all facets of ourselves interact together.

Rupa Nalini, creator of the Nalini Method, offers fitness classes that are not only focused on physical health but emotional health as well. Nalini states that their signature workout “is focused on developing a reliable and internally balanced emotional and physical core, so you can always make yourself feel good and healthy.” She strives to help people connect to their greatest bodies, minds, and spirits through not just strengthening the body physically in fitness classes, but by strengthening emotionally as well by cleansing of negative thoughts.

Nalini is also the author of the book, Connect to Your One, where she talks more about the philosophy behind her method and also about her one word. The one word she picked to fit her and to turn to each day, in good days, bad days, any situation to find where she can use her word to find what she needs. Her word is Connect.

Think about one word that would be the word to change your life, the word that brings you deeper to your true self and healthy core values. A word that encourages balance, integrity, peace, love, thriving, compassion, gratitude, and anything it is that you value in your life. In fact, any of those words could be the one word, but find the one for you that encourages all it is that brings you to your true self and what you value in the way you want to live your life. Think of it as an intention. A word that holds the essence of the intention of the way you want to approach each day and living your life fully. It is amazing how a word can hold the power of such an intention, isn’t it? It has the power if you manifest the intention that you are setting with that word to show up in your life every single day. That is where the work comes in.

Selecting a Motivational Word or Phrase

Selecting a Motivational Word or Phrase
Selecting a Motivational Word or Phrase

Picking a word may be really easy for you, or really hard. Maybe it is simple as you just know what the word is for you that you can use within your life. Maybe it is too hard to pick just one word, or the idea of devoting to one word for the rest of your life is too big of commitment. That is okay. If that does seem to big for you, try picking one word for the year, and what you want to find within this year with that word. And come the next year, maybe you pick a new word or keep the same. The point of picking one word is to connect and commit to a value of yours whether you are striving for it or to find its presence more often.

Here is a list of 25 words to spark your ideas:

Possible Words To Change Your Life

Possible Words To Change Your Life
Possible Words To Change Your Life

1. Abundant
2. Action
3. Authentic
4. Balance
5. Bliss
6. Clarity
7. Courage
8. Compassion
9. Connect
10. Creativity
11. Dream
12. Embrace
13. Freedom
14. Grateful
15. Harmony
16. Joy
17. Love
18. Open
19. Passion
20. Peace
21. Power
22. Present
23. Strength
24. Truth
25. Thrive

Again, it may be really tough to settle onto only one word. There are so many good ones! I definitely had a hard time picking one word. In the past I have chosen one word for a year based on current goals and values. If I decide on a different word later on then I certainly can. But, for that one year I have thought about my goals, where I am in my life, and what it is that aligns with where I am. And I have come back to the same word many times. The same as Nalini, my word is connect. Connection. To connect with myself, to those around me, the ones I love. And also to connect with those other words that I find I need as well. Such as to connect with love, to connect with peace, to connect with the feeling of gratitude, and so on. So that is how I can also incorporate these other meaningful words into my life with the intention of one word.

Choosing A Word For The Year

Choosing A Word For The Year
Choosing A Word For The Year

Choosing a word of the year can be very influential on your current states of life. As will be your one word that can change your life. Try having both if you are someone that has an idea for the word of powerful intention for your life overall, and also one that is more specific to your where you are with your life. Christine Kane, CEO and founder of UpLevel, has been using words for the year and working with clients to help them determine their word for the year. With countless amounts of positive feedback and benefits choosing a word for the year has had for her and her clients, the popularity of this idea continues to grow. A word of the year is helpful for helping you to follow an intention for the year depending on what your current goals and states of life are.

Words and Your Core Being

Words and Your Core Being
Words and Your Core Being

This word, these words, can foster as an ongoing constant mantra or life motto, if you will. Like the classic “Hakuna matata,” the problem-free philosophy (of course I couldn’t resist sticking that one in), your life motto will ring true for you.

You may also find it helpful to check in with what your core values are, especially if you are still having some trouble deciding on the word that is yours.  Try to use some journaling exercises to help you decide on a word. Try writing down your top 5 values, things you love, appreciate, are grateful for, and want in your life. See what similarities arise. There are also many different ways of journaling about your values. You could also start with making an ongoing list, with no specific number of values, and from that list begin to highlight the key ones that hold deep meaning for you.

Connect to your personal values. When you do, the setting of the intention to hold integrity to those values with your one word can make the difference of living the life you strive for that builds you up or living in the negativity that instead tears you down. There is research behind this. Self-affirmations and the way we frame our thoughts and words make a difference in overall being mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Continue to journal and keep track of what things come up in your life and ways that your word was present there. Or how your word reminded you to do something that would benefit you. Journaling about your experiences and what is going on with your life can also help keep awareness of your intention and how your life is growing with the intention you have set.

The key to all of this is to set intentions to live fully with what feeds your growth and life. You are the one living this life. You can choose to find what drives you, brings harmony, and fosters your own self-growth. And if you can find peace in a tough time, thrive, find balance, gratitude, connect when you are disconnected, or whatever it may be for you – that is working each day to better your own self. Flourishing is more than just going to a workout class for your physical body; your mind needs the exercise too.

When you open up to a word that will truly guide you, you’re letting your soul show you the way to your own wild, open-hearted, custom-made path of happy. Christine Kane

Be open to your word. Be open to what it brings you. And don’t force it, don’t force yourself to a word. Allow the word to come to you naturally and intuitively to truly guide you. Whether your one word is connect, harmony, love, or peace – your word represents much more than just the combination of the letters. It has the power to represent your unique core values, your unique life, and how it is you want to approach each day and live. You may even be surprised how the words manifests and changes your life.


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