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How to Use a Meditation Bowl to Shift Your Consciousness

How to Use a Meditation Bowl to Shift Your Consciousness

Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years. Their therapeutic value has been used in several ways. The sound of Tibetan singing bowls harmonizes in a way that allows for deep relaxation. This sound stimulates stress relief and eliminates toxins from the body.

After sound therapy, emotions are calmer and the mind is clearer. 

Sound vibrations affect the body even after the singing bowls have been played. This acts as a testament to the powerful effects of their vibrations.

To understand how sound can improve your health, you must first see yourself as a spirit or energy. We all have a Divine design and specific vibration within us.

Start to view your body as an instrument. Each energy center or chakra in the body represents a note or vibration on the musical scale. As the vibration from the singing bowl runs through the body, it calibrates the chakras.

This helps the chakras to run at their most optimal tone. 

If you’ve heard an instrument be tuned before, you’ve heard its resonance. The energy centers in our bodies are like musical instruments. They can get out of tune easily. But singing bowls help the human body to reharmonize and recalibrate.

What Is a Singing Bowl?

What Is a Singing Bowl
What Is a Singing Bowl

A singing bowl is typically crafted from bronze alloy. It is made up of seven different metals.

Each precious metal is connected to the planets of the galaxy. 

  • Lead (Saturn)
  • Tin (Jupiter)
  • Iron (Mars)
  • Cooper (Venus)
  • Mercury (Mercury)
  • Silver (Moon)
  • Gold (Sun)

Traditional singing bowls were hammered by hand. Each was tuned to play a note that corresponded to a different chakra.

Singing bowls can vary in size as well. Two-inch bowls have a very high chime that is clearing and uplifting. And thirty-inch bowls create a deep grounding vibration. This way, you can customize your sound experience depending on what you need.

All Tibetan singing bowls transmit a grounding and clearing energy. 

“Strikers” are the most commonly used accessory with singing bowls. They are used to strike the bowl or rotate around the rim of the bowl. Strikers are often made of wooden mallets.

The sound of a singing bowl can cut through dense energy. This can allow for move energetic blockages to be removed from the body.

Singing bowls are often called “Tibetan” and are thought to be native to the Himalayas. But the true origin and original function of the bowls are still a mystery. They may date back as far as 560-480 B.C. and have been used in Tibet for centuries.

More recently, sound baths have become popular in Western cultures.

This is a great way to practice zen and meditation.

What Is a Sound Bath?

What Is a Sound Bath
What Is a Sound Bath

A sound bath is a session in which practitioners will create healing sound vibrations with singing bowls. Other instruments are also used to create this environment.

When you are bathed in sound, you are bathed in the energy of these healing vibrations. 

Sound waves can help calm the mind. They can help you relax and enter a meditative state. There is some science behind what takes place in these healing frequencies. But researchers do not fully understand how singing bowls impact the brain.

But some research shows that Tibetan singing bowls can lower blood pressure.

They can also promote positive mental health outcomes. Another study found that bowl meditation had positive effects on one’s moods. Their anxiety, pain, and spiritual wellbeing felt nourished.

To better understand how singing bowls heal you, let’s dive into an example.

If your throat chakra is “out of balance,” it can manifest in the physical body. Some examples include a sore throat, laryngitis, thyroid issues, mouth disease, tonsillitis, or throat cancer. Holistic medicine uses singing bowls to recalibrate the chakras and balance these imbalances.

We all have a divine blueprint or design. The sound of the singing bowl aligns us with that blueprint. 

Our blueprints infuse into our physiology. This way, when chakras are aligned, they assist the body in returning to its original perfection.

This is about the quantum level of our being.

Singing bowls can help raise our consciousness and provide substantial healing. 

Sound’s Effects on the Body

Sound’s Effects on the Body
Sound’s Effects on the Body

Sound is undoubtedly one of the most powerful media. 

It can take the human spirit into different states of consciousness. Tibetan singing bowls have also been used for deep relaxation. They can also aid in muscle regeneration, relieve pain in the joints, muscles, and shoulders, ease pain related to sciatica, and improve digestion functions.

If you suffer from headaches, migraines, or spine injuries, sound therapy can also help. It improves circulation and releases tensions or blockages. It also opens up your energy flow and eliminates toxins from the body.

When you relax with the sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl, your concentration improves. 

Your emotional tensions and blockages are eased. Sound and its vibrations can ease mental or emotional pain. It can also help with low self-esteem, worry, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Singing bowls and unique tones have also been used to stabilize blood pressure. They can ease asthma-related issues and renew the functioning of the adrenal gland. Additionally, singing bowls can open and stabilize meridians and improve synaptic responses in the brain.

Sound has also helped children with hyperactive disorders.

Overall, sound can aid in various ways. Check the lists below to see the specific benefits that sound can provide.

The Physical Effects of Vibration on the Body

  • Deep relaxation and muscle regeneration
  • Provides pain relief for joints, muscles, sciatica, headaches, migraines, digestive system, spine injuries, shoulders, and improved blood circulation
  • Better digestion
  • Atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs function in a more synchronized way
  • Better energy flow
  • Elimination of toxins from the body
  • Better immune system

Mental and Emotional Effects

  • Relaxed mind
  • Mental and emotional tensions and blockages eased
  • Better concentration
  • Inner feelings activated and released
  • More energy and strength in everyday life
  • Alleviated mental or emotional pain
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Boosted creativity and productive potential

Spiritual Effects

  • Positive feeling of self
  • Better balance and harmony in life
  • Experiences of bliss
  • Cleansing of chakras and Nadi-astral channels
  • Higher frequencies reach innermost essence, boosting energy and vibrational levels
  • Opens up higher and more intense vibration of love

There are numerous beneficial effects of sound therapy. But Tibetan singing bowls should not replace classic healing methods altogether. Instead, they should act as a tool to ignite one’s spiritual intelligence.

Sound frequencies can be an incredibly effective tool to uplift the body’s energy. 

This can help to clear out any negativity or blockages. Singing bowls help release what no longer serves you.

They can also assist you in manifesting your intentions. 

When your energy field is aligned and in balance, this will be reflected in what you manifest. Singing bowls can help you with this.

The whole universe will open up as you delve into sound. You may be preparing your mind for meditation. Or you may be looking to expand your practice as a whole. Either way, sound therapy, and singing bowls will help you along your journey.

How To Use a Singing Bowl

How To Use a Singing Bowl
How To Use a Singing Bowl

Learning to use a Tibetan singing bowl can be simple and fun. You don’t need to save your singing bowl experiences for formal sound baths or yoga classes.

Instead, you can invest in a singing bowl. 

This way, you can use it anytime you like and customize your experience to your individual needs.

#1 Find a Quiet, Sacred Space

Put your phone on airplane mode. Decide on a set amount of time for your sound meditation. You can do this for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Make sure that you can relax in this space without being disturbed. You want to dedicate yourself to this sound bath experience.

#2 Take Deep Breaths In Through Your Nose and Out Through Your Mouth

Make sure these breaths are slow and deep. Set an intention for your sound bath as you do this. Your intention may center around feeling grounded or releasing anxiety. It might be about cultivating forgiveness, compassion, or relaxation.

#3 Hold the Bowl In The Palm of One Hand and The Mallet In the Other

Begin by chiming the bowl with the mallet. You can tap the mallet on the edge of the bowl so the sound rings out. This will create a beautiful ringing sound that will clear the energy of the space. This sound will help to amplify your intention.

#4 Option to Swirl Your Mallet Around the Rim

Swirling the mallet around the rim of the bowl will create a singing sound. If you do this, keep contact between the mallet and bowl. It may take a few times around for the sound to slowly build. Be sure to allow the sound to ring freely. Take moments in between chiming and swirling to breathe deeply. Listen to the sounds as well as your breath.

#5 Scan the Body and Notice Any Sensations

As you listen and breathe, take note of any sensations that arise. If thoughts or emotions come up, acknowledge them, and allow them to pass. Bring your attention back to the sound of the bowl. Tune into your breath to stay in the present moment.

#6 At the End of Your Practice, Express Gratitude

Take a moment to express gratitude for what you just experienced. Take note of any shifts you may have felt mentally or physically. Ask yourself if you feel calmer, lighter, or uplifted. To end your practice, bow to yourself. This way, you are acknowledging the self-love and self-care you have just practiced.

Final Thoughts on Meditation Bowls

Final Thoughts on Meditation Bowls
Final Thoughts on Meditation Bowls

Sound therapy is one of the quickest and most effective ways to restore harmony. It can help you relax as you take a moment to tune into yourself.

Any kind of music can be therapeutic. But singing bowls have powerful energy. 

Millenia sound has been used as a tool to awaken deep states of consciousness. By engaging in the sounds of the singing bowls, you can expand your consciousness.

You can also correct energetic imbalances that may be harming you.

The sound of the singing bowl will vibrate with the energetic lines of the body. This will help to balance out those lines and allow them to function properly. Kundalini energy is also released during this process. It rises along the central energetic channel along the spine. It can feel like a subtle tingling in the muscles when this energy is activated.

Sometimes, Kundalini energy can feel slightly uncomfortable. If there are blockages along your energetic lines, this energy is working itself out. But do not be afraid of this discomfort. Allow your body to work through the tension. It will eventually find its way towards relaxation.

Exercise patience and kindness towards your body. 

Sound therapy has also been beneficial for deaf and hearing disabled practitioners. Even though they cannot hear the sound, they can feel the vibrations. This acts as a testament to the singing bowls and their powerful properties.

Singing bowls are a great way for you to explore your meditation and yoga practice. Sometimes you can find yourself disconnected from your practice. But singing bowls can help reignite that fire within you.

Allow yourself to be open to what singing bowls have to offer. To receive its benefits, you must view yourself as sacred energy. In this way, you are cultivating a sound experience that is specifically designed for you.

In this way, sound therapy is customizable and deeply personal. 

So root yourself in the grounding vibrations. Let your body be informed by these frequencies.

Give yourself over to different forms of yoga while exploring the different senses. Opening yourself up to sound therapy will only expand your practice.

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