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10 Reasons to Try Baptiste Yoga

10 Reasons to Try Baptiste Yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as a therapeutic physical exercise. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga is low-impact and incredibly varied. This makes it accessible to all ages, sizes, and skill levels.

Yoga is also encouraged as a practice. This way, there is no pressure to make things perfect by any means. Yoga allows you to improve, customize, adapt, and tweak for each current condition.

Within the variety of yoga classes that are offered, there is Baptiste Yoga. We have compiled ten reasons why you should give Baptiste Yoga a try. But first, let’s dive into what this form of yoga is all about.

What Is Baptiste Yoga?

What Is Baptiste Yoga
What Is Baptiste Yoga? Credits:

Baptiste Yoga was founded by Walt Baptiste and his son, Baron, in 1940. They were inspired by the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his students Iyengar and Desikachar. Baron then took what he had learned from these eastern teachers and created his style of yoga.

The three main elements of Baptiste Power Yoga are asana, meditation, and personal inquiry. 

These three elements help students to step into their full potential. Through practice, you can discover your passions and create new ones too. This will help you develop even more confidence to step into newer and bigger possibilities within your life.

Baptiste Yoga seeks to empower, strengthen, and stretch our bodies and minds. 

The structure of each Baptiste Yoga class is inspired by Baron’s book “Journey Into Power.” His book provides a method, organization, and theme for each sequence of poses. This helps to align the principles in Baptiste Yoga clearly and concisely.

Classes are generally 60, 75, or 90 minutes long and take place in a room heated to 90 degrees. During class, there is a strong emphasis on a slow and steady breath. This will unify you with the other practitioners around you.

Since Baptiste Yoga is not described in terms of beginner or advanced, it can be practiced by all yogis.

Baptiste Yoga enables students to experience power. This power can be associated with their physicality, movement, or breath.

If you’re still not convinced, below are ten reasons why you should practice Baptiste Yoga.

#1 You’ll Torch a Ton of Calories

You’ll Torch a Ton of Calories
You’ll Torch a Ton of Calories

Baptiste Yoga isn’t just stretching. These Power Vinyasa classes focus on creating tapas (heat) and vinyasa (flow). When you get focused in the present moment, you won’t notice how much time goes by. You’ll be burning calories without even knowing it.

Moving the body in this heat will cause you to sweat a lot. But luckily, everyone else will be sweating with you too. Sweating will allow your body to release negative toxins. Any baggage you might have been feeling at the beginning of your practice will likely be burned off.

The heat of the room will also keep you focused on the present moment. The temperature of the room will keep you focused on what you’re intending to accomplish.

#2 It’s Not Too Hot

It’s Not Too Hot
It’s Not Too Hot

Even though it sounds hot, it’s not too hot. Classrooms for Baptiste Yoga are generally heated at 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s still less than our normal body temperature.

This heat is meant to cleanse the body and warm the muscles. 

But don’t be intimidated by the heat. It is not a stifling temperature. Just be sure to take breaks when you need to. The heat will keep you focused and your body will let you know when it needs a moment to breathe.

#3 It’s Fun!

It’s Fun!
It’s Fun!

People are often surprised by Baptiste Yoga. These classes typically include high-fives, laughter, cheering, and applause. The heat of the room mixed with power postures will help release endorphins. Sweating out toxins will also help your body feel lighter. This makes for a much more playful atmosphere than in most yoga classes.

Celebration, fun, and play are all qualities in the Baptiste Yoga community. It emphasizes play, creativity, and trying new things. With a supportive environment, you’ll feel confident taking on new challenges. You’ll even learn more about yourself when you take these risks.

#4 It’s Accessible for Modern Yogis

It’s Accessible for Modern Yogis
It’s Accessible for Modern Yogis

Yoga is an ancient practice, and sometimes that can be a turn-off. But Baptiste Yoga is a much more modern interpretation of yoga than we’re used to.

Baptiste Yoga is far more accessible for those of us with contemporary lifestyles. 

It also helps to demystify the practice of yoga. Baptiste Yoga is inviting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know specific yogi terms. All that matters is that you are willing to get in the room and try new things.

#5 It Offers a Global Community

It Offers a Global Community
It Offers a Global Community

Baptiste Yoga is affiliated with studios and certified teachers all over the US and beyond. The Baptiste program truly cultivates a community and family.

When you participate in Baptiste Yoga, you will form deep connections. 

You’ll come back over and over again sometimes just to see the other practitioners. This community helps you study and practice Baptiste Yoga. But more importantly, this community encourages one another to step into their power.

#6 It Helps You Get to Your “WHY”

It Helps You Get to Your “WHY”
It Helps You Get to Your “WHY” Credits:

Baptiste Yoga is so much more than just the asana practice. It also addresses your “why” without getting too spiritual or mystical.

Some “why’s” you might be experiencing could include:

Why are you moving this way?

Why are you expressing this way?

Why are you doing the things you do in life?

All of these questions may pop into your head during your Baptiste Yoga practice. But through asana, meditation, and personal inquiry, you’ll start to find your answers.

This is what makes Baptiste Yoga a well-rounded yogi journey. It might not include all of the flowery language, but it will help us get to the point of why we do what we do.

#7 It Helps You Focus

It Helps You Focus
It Helps You Focus

Drishti, or focus, is the first pillar of Baptiste Yoga. With so many distractions in our lives, finding your focus can be a powerful tool. Cultivating this skill in class will ultimately help you off the mat as well.

Finding your focus also calms your mind. 

By connecting with your body in Baptiste Yoga, you can remain in the present moment. Keeping this focus will help you stay grounded. Soon, you can apply this tool to other areas of your life when you get overwhelmed.

#8 It’s Incredibly Physical

It’s Incredibly Physical
It’s Incredibly Physical

Baptiste Yoga supports you by raising your vitality and sense of personal power. It gets you fully in your body and touches with your strength. When you feel this power, you will gain even more confidence. Soon, results will start to accelerate on and off your mat.

The postures can be physically challenging. But this will help you build a foundational practice that you can feel good about. Getting in touch with your body will ultimately make you feel more powerful emotionally.

Most often, yogis leave a Baptiste Yoga class feeling empowered. 

#9 You’ll Grow More Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.

You’ll Grow More Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
You’ll Grow More Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Power yoga is all about focusing on your experience. You’ll still be sweating, trying, and concentrating.

But through these postures, you will increase your ability to find beauty through strife.

Working through these moments of difficulty will help you combat negative thoughts and doubts. Soon, your actions in this practice will prove these notions wrong. You’ll realize that you can do whatever it is you think you can’t.

You are the determinant of your happiness.

#10 You’ll Work For What You Wish For.

You’ll Work For What You Wish For
You’ll Work For What You Wish For

There is a saying in Baptiste Yoga that combines all of its principles into one.

“Don’t wish for it; work for it.” 

This phrase is all about using the natural power that already exists within you. It is about deciding what actions to take next in your life. Using this mantra will help you gain a new perspective. You’ll realize that you can make good and healthy choices.

Rather than waiting for things to happen, you’ll make them happen. You are in charge of your happiness. And this powerful quality is already inside of you.

Baptiste Yoga will simply give you the tools to help this quality shine through.

Final Thoughts

Baptiste Yoga is an accessible form of yoga. It’s not overly spiritual and can be easily incorporated into a modern-day lifestyle. For those who have been intimidated by yoga in the past, Baptiste Yoga could be your way in.

The overarching goal of Baptiste Yoga is empowerment. Your practice will help you step into your power. And this power will follow you off the mat as well. Baptiste Yoga doesn’t try to sell you anything. It just gives you the tools to make positive changes in your life.

You’ll also be a part of a great community. Nothing is more encouraging than being around like-minded people. The Baptiste Yoga community empowers one another to be the best version of themselves. They also focus on having fun and making things creative. Growth doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It can be fun and playful too.

When you try new things, you’ll learn more about yourself. Baptiste Yoga forces us out of our comfort zones. But it doesn’t scarily do this. It provides a safe environment where you can take risks. There will always be a community to support you.

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