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A Guide to Buti Yoga: Benefits and Why It’s the Hottest Craze for Women

A Guide to Buti Yoga Benefits and Why It's the Hottest Craze for Women

A new type of yoga has hit the fitness realm, and that is Buti Yoga. The new yoga craze gained traction for its combination of traditional yoga poses with bursts of cardio-intensive, plyometric movements. Although there are changes in the activity itself, Buti Yoga intends to start the work from within the individual.

Buti Yoga incorporates classic poses and asanas, including vinyasa-style yoga, adding tribal-like dance moves, and plyometric or jump training.

It’s a classroom full of high-energy individuals with quick movements and loud music. It’s far from the traditional yoga classroom but packs in a deep awareness of the mind and body’s connection. A self-awareness and encouragement of love that is emotionally driven and therapeutic.

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Buti?

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Buti
What Are The Physical Benefits Of Buti

The physical benefits differ from the traditional yoga classroom because of the amount of movement and stress added to the body. It varies greatly, as the workout utilizes the spiral structure technique or SST. This workout technique is a strengthening technique that Buti yoga introduces that focuses on and stimulates all abdominal muscles that use spiral movements instead of linear.

Spiral movements mean that it’s strengthening all parts of the abdominal muscle groups, from the inner and out, top to bottom. Before this technique, the most common form to target this was from a crunch, but the abdomen is cylindrical. To build a strong core, using these spiral movements activate every side of the abdominal muscles.

The amount of sweat is rather significant in comparison to a traditional yoga classroom as well. During one class, the estimate of calories that one can burn is between 800-1000.

How Is Buti Yoga Unique?

How Is Buti Yoga Unique
How Is Buti Yoga Unique

Buti yoga creates a marriage between modernized and traditional fitness movements while adding unique dance moves to keep the audience interested. However, the creator of Buti yoga intended for the method’s focus to be rooted in something profound. With an emphasis on not only transforming the body from the outside but honing in on uniting the body, mind, and soul. Buti yoga intends to tone the body and energize the divine feminine energy inside.

Shakti is said to be the divine feminine energy that lies dormant at the spine. For instance, during specific movements and poses, this energy is released through asana, pranayama, or meditation. Through Buti yoga, this energy is released through exercises such as hip rotations or powerful yoga movements to sculpt and mold the body from the outside, incorporating the strong feminine power from within.

Who Created Buti Yoga?

Who Created Buti Yoga
Who Created Buti Yoga

Founded back in 2012, the trainer that brings us Buti yoga is Bizzie Gold. She is known to have coached and worked with celebrities to shape and mold their bodies for Hollywood. Her empire has grown to include more than 1,000 instructors and over 15 countries worldwide. Generally marketed towards women as a tool for empowerment and is available for streaming and now on DVD.

Inspired to create a deeper connection between body, mind, and spirit, Buti yoga’s name is derived from an Indian Marathi language. Buti translates to “the cure to something hidden.” This translation is referring to the feminine divine energy that rests within us.

Shakti is the divine energy that rests within all humans and isn’t a specific gender. It is an inherent attribute that exists in every object, which is necessary for its functioning.

Bizzie wanted to create a yoga that shapes individuals from the inside out, encouraging power, confidence, and the knowledge to know we can help ourselves. That the true desires that we have are something that can come to the surface for you. Buti means something different for different people.

What Are The Emotional or Spiritual Benefits of Buti Yoga?

What Are The Emotional or Spiritual Benefits of Buti Yoga
What Are The Emotional or Spiritual Benefits of Buti Yoga

The Buti Yoga focuses on removing blockages that we develop in our chakras, most notably our first and second. To activate our sexuality, power, and confidence, we’re all born with these qualities. Still, within the Western Culture and society, the energy that originates from our first chakra and second chakra is silent. The repercussions of this blockage usually lead to tight hips and closed minds.

In many cultures, dance rituals incorporate hip and pelvic spiraling. These moves help to open and align these chakras by cultivating a new awareness of our mind and body’s connection and redefining our views on ourselves and reassessing our limitations and potential.

Is Buti Yoga Only For Women?

Is Buti Yoga Only For Women
Is Buti Yoga Only For Women

Buti yoga is for men and women, and its design is to be an engaging, fast-paced workout that encourages individuals to find comfort in they’re sexuality. A lot of women gravitate towards the practice, but plenty of men have too. To be empowered by a community that is all-inclusive and rooted in practicing self-love and well-being.

Buti yoga works to create a feeling of empowerment by embracing the skin that one is born in, encouraging self-love and being and a community of like-minded people.

What To Expect During A Buti Yoga Class?

What To Expect During A Buti Yoga Class
What To Expect During A Buti Yoga Class

Trying a new class can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Most importantly, Buti yoga meets the individual at the level they are. The intensity won’t lower to a specific level as it caters to the individual’s pace and how they most feel comfortable.

The Buti program embraces individuals from all different backgrounds of yoga as well as all ages. The program’s beauty is that individuals can just be starting yoga in their sixties or a teacher in their thirties and still in the same classroom.

The practice itself is challenging but meets individuals at the level they are. Whether a novice or a dedicated yogi, you can still attend a class and not feel out of place. Partly because you don’t need to have a lot of yoga experience to prepare for a course like this, it is not a regular yoga class—the music to the attire, to the infectious energy in the room. Buti yoga is far from a course you’ve taken before as you keep up with the music’s beat.

You can expect music and most women wearing shorts and a sports bra. This clothing choice is intentional within the classroom as there’s a mirror that helps patrons visually see abdominal muscles to know when they’re fully activated and when they’re not.

Of course, if this is out of the individual’s comfort zone, wear whatever clothes are most comfortable. It’s a practice that intends to ignite self-love and self-acceptance to over-criticize or make a patron feel uncomfortable. The experience itself should be liberating.

The class’s energy is high; you can expect shouting from the instructor, who will keep patrons motivated with hoots and hollers to maintain engagement. Classes run about 60-90 minutes long.

What Are Some Moves Of Buti Yoga?

What Are Some Moves Of Buti Yoga
What Are Some Moves Of Buti Yoga

When entering a classroom for Buti Yoga, expect more than the traditional yoga moves. Consider the more fast-paced dance moves, with jumping movements that will cause one to produce a good amount of sweat and leave feeling awakened, refreshed, and revitalized.

  1. Climber: It works the abdominal muscles, strengthens the arms, back, and legs. To begin this move, start in the plank position. Inhale to engage the core, and to drop the hips down. Exhale and slightly lift hips, round the back towards the ceiling, keep head lifted, pull the left knee towards the chest, and then return—alternate sides.
  2. Break-It-Down“: This exercise stimulates the abdominal muscles, back, and strengthens the butt and legs. To begin, start with feet shoulder length apart, bending over, keeping the legs straight. Engage and pivot feet to the left and bend both knees. Drop right knee towards the center but keep lifted. With palms remaining on the floor, hop legs back.
  3. Slide Exercise: This works the legs, shoulder, abdominal muscles, and rear. Squat with feet together with a slight forward bend, keep palms together in front of the chest. Hop right leg out towards the side, with toes touching the ground. Staying in the squat, extend the left arm diagonally overhead, while allowing the right arm to fall to the side—alternate sides.
  4. Straddle Exercise: This exercise stimulates abs, oblique’s, and back while strengthening shoulders, arms, and hips. For this exercise, stand with feet wider than shoulder length, keep legs straight but not locked. Lean backward and engage the upper half of the abs by tucking inward. Extend both arms towards the sides at shoulder level and shift torso from left to right. Repeat quickly side-to-side.
  5. Reaching Movement: Stimulates the abdominal muscles, legs, shoulders, hips, and rear. To start this, start in tabletop (like plank position), with hands-on shoulders and fingers pointed backward. Hips lifted, knees bent. Extend arms towards the ceiling, allowing the chest to open and engage the abdominal muscles and circle hips counterclockwise. Repeat on the opposing side and circling hips clockwise.
  6. Butt Out” Workout: This exercise strengthens abs, legs, butts, or hips. Squat with feet slightly apart, toes pointed outwards, resting hands on top of thighs. Inhale, squeeze the abdominal muscles, and push the pelvis forward. Then exhale, engaging the lower back muscles and pushing the tailbone backward. Continue moving quickly between the two positions.

These are only a small fraction of moves in Buti yoga. Generally, each action is given 40 seconds and alternates as quickly as possible and based on the individual’s potential and movements as fast as they do.

How To Get Certified In Buti Yoga?

How To Get Certified In Buti Yoga
How To Get Certified In Buti Yoga

There are several different ways to get certified and grow deeper with Buti yoga. If just beginning on the yoga teaching path or already established in the career, there are pathways one can take to understand Buti yoga better or create a more versatile option to their practice.

Buti Certification: -200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: This certification enables individuals to teach Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, and Buti Yoga. It requires sixteen 12-hour days live and online to complete the “face-to-face” coursework.

Primal Flow Certification: Once certified with the Buti teacher certification, you can take this web-based webinar that will teach you to dive deeper into functional anatomy. Learn how to sequence salutations and design a class to awaken both the feminine (shakti) and masculine (shiva) energy.

Hot Core Certification: This one-day hot core certification boosts Buti yoga marketability. This class objective is to teach students how to build deep core strength and maximize muscle toning to push their practice limits.

Online Buti Certification: With a mix of live training, individuals will be taught the ins-and-outs of Buti yoga over three weeks. Upon completion, individuals will receive certification as a Buti graduate.

Buti Bands And Buti Sculpt Certification: This two-day certification offers previous instructors an opportunity to add variety to their practice. This class will attract students interested in more intensive exercises that practice resistance and high-intensity interval training.

DEEP Certification: This program focuses on the low-impact movements that connect to mind to muscle. The class focuses on preventative measures to avoid injury and restore and assist in recovery.

A dedicated yogi looking to make their practice more versatile or someone just starting their career can look to Buti yoga to expand their marketability and create an energetic classroom.

Is Buti Yoga Worth A Try?

Is Buti Yoga Worth A Try
Is Buti Yoga Worth A Try

There’s no denying that it is a different approach to yoga than the traditional classroom and to answer that question depends on what the individual looks for when attending. For variety, or something fast-paced, Buti yoga will deliver. As with any class, there’s a handful of pros and cons that depend on what someone is hoping to take away.

However, from the plethora of praises, it seems like it’s worthy of giving it a shot. If not on the physical aspect of it’s interactive and physically demanding movements, then the emotional elements and insight alone.

If it still seems far-fetched, consider the community that surrounds Buti yoga. A community committed to cultivating the idea of inclusivity, self-awareness, and promoting self-love. Surrounding people with like-minded viewpoints and perspectives that wish to build others up and support and encourage growth, we think it is always a positive environment that promotes positivity. That is still something to try.

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