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How Does Karma Work? The True Meaning and How to Use it as a Guiding Force

How Does Karma Work The True Meaning and How to Use it as a Guiding Force

revaAs much as we can figure in our physics every decision we make there is a contrasting action. This is because karma, in its essence, is energy. And for any energy expended, energy is to return.

Why? Well, that’s because it’s all about balance. Our life experiences lead us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. By implementing karma, we’re able to restore balance to our lives through action.

The Ideas Behind The Laws Of Karma

The Ideas Behind The Laws Of Karma
The Ideas Behind The Laws Of Karma

There are 12 laws of Karma that will help to guide your life and bring balance through your actions. Each law is specific to aspects in our life that bring us closer to understanding ourselves and the world around us.

  1. The Cause And Effect: This law is about the energy we put out is the energy we will get back. This can be either positive or negative energy but what is guaranteed is the return.
  2.  Creation: Being an active participant of what happens in your life influences karma. It’s about creation, using our gifts and abilities to better the world.
  3.  Humility: Humility is about accepting the circumstances of your current reality. Be humble and kind and accept the path you are currently on. This is so no matter where you start in life, you are able lead your own life without the weight of expectations.
  4. Expansion: This type of expansion is about going deeper into ourselves. Our external reality will change as a result of what is happening internally.
  5. Responsibility: This law is about taking ownership for all the circumstances that happen within our lives. In order to implement this karmic law, we must take responsibility for the part you play in every situation.
  6. Connection: The connection states that every person is connected in some way. Our experiences have led us to have this interaction with one another.
  7. Force: This law teaches us that we cannot put energy into two things simultaneously. When you focus on one thing you will achieve better results.
  8. Giving: Karma is all about being open and selfless. This law is about making sure what you preach is happening in action.
  9. Be Present: The importance of being in the here and now is because you will be able to channel your energy.
  10. Change: Change is about patterns. If there is something that is happening in your life and it seems to appear over and over again this is part of the karmic law to change. This law has to do with action. It’s the universe’s way of helping you to learn a lesson.
  11. Patience: This karmic law helps us to not give up on our big goals. That our efforts over time have rewards. This law is to trust in that time.
  12. Inspiration: Inspiration and significance showcase that we have value and that we must share are unique talents.  No matter how small we may think these talents are they have a contribution to the world.

What Are Karmic Lessons?

What Are Karmic Lessons
What Are Karmic Lessons

Here, we break down some ways to recognize that you are experiencing karmic lessons. They may be coming into your life to influence you to make an alteration in your current path or give you another perspective.

  1. Instances Seem To Repeat

You may keep living experiences, or having outcomes to certain decisions come up repeatedly. Sometimes this is giving you a lesson that you’ve seen before. This isn’t by coincidence, this could be a karmic lesson you are meant to learn. As it isn’t something you’ve ingrained into your life yet, maybe it’s time to start dissecting these occurrences. See what you can take away from them.

  1. Attracting Specific People

We often hear people say that they attract some sort of individual or instance into their lives and in a way, this could be true! We’re accepting that we attract that specific person or instance, and therefore making it true. Instead, if we’re facing issues with these types of people, or a circumstance we need to overcome, karma could be trying to show you what to pay attention to.

  1. Confronting Fears

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to face your fears in the oddest situations? For instance, perhaps you’re afraid of being alone. You show up at the movie theatre but your friend bails last minute. You would usually just skip it but you’re in this position where you can challenge your karmic past. Challenging yourself, and facing your fears, is just the start.

  1. Doubt In Decisions

When there are lessons that we’re avoiding, it could be because we start feeling hypocritical. We know that there are decisions that we should have made but decided against it. That’s why these lessons are so important. We know deep within ourselves that we’re capable of breaking these toxic patterns.

Once we acknowledge these lessons we must align them with our current lives. When these issues rise to the surface we must take accountability for our actions and know we’re not being authentic to our truth. It’s important to live life with that truth as that is the guiding force of karma. To be authentic and honest with ourselves to practice self-expression and compassion in our daily lives. And to trust ourselves in that process.

What Is Karmic Debt?

What Is Karmic Debt
What Is Karmic Debt

Karma is not physical energy but one that resides in us through spirituality. As we continue with our lives making decisions and taking physical actions we are also held accountable for the consequences of those actions. This is us being responsible for the balance of our lives and the balancing of our karmic debts.

In Numerology, karmic debt is associated with the cyclical nature of the universe. These often can contain the numbers in your birth or rebirth cycles. These numbers are representative of the obstacles you intended to overcome in your life.

Though, to understand karma to its fullest we must better understand what is karmic debt in the first place. Karmic debt is beyond our current choices in our present life. This debt takes into account the choices of our past, and how they could be influencing our present. Some of the choices we could be making are due to patterns in our old life. Decisions or behaviors that are from the past. Since we haven’t properly healed we’re repeating these patterns.

Life Paths And Karmic Debts

Life Paths And Karmic Debts
Life Paths And Karmic Debts

Numerology has deep roots in the idea that we all possess a spirit that will take form in this dimension. Because of this spirit we come and go until we reach an elevated state of consciousness. Each life, or “incarnation“, that we live we become more knowledgeable and aware because of this evolution.

  1. Follow The Numbers

One way to figure out if you have karmic debt is by figuring the numbers. If your calculations end up as 13, 14, 16, or 19 then this is your karmic debt to pay.

  1. Past Life Tendencies

If you find yourself in instances that seem repetitive this could be a sign of karmic debt from a life before. This can be in relationships, finances, or addiction. If this is a lesson that resonates with you then it could mean that this is something that you must balance and align in your life. This is how you can pay back your karmic debt.

  1. Empathy For Others

If you have a tendency to care for certain people this could be karma. Karma could be influencing this care for certain people as a way to pay back this debt.

  1. Familiarity In Relationships

There are instances where someone is interwoven in our lives and we have a strong connection with them. Sometimes these relationships are very satisfying, other times they can feel toxic. These relationships exist because we may have a debt with this person and we are to learn a lesson. If this resonates with you, it may be worth asking what the relationship isn’t working and identify some of the deeper roots to the problems.

How To Calculate Karmic Debt

How To Calculate Karmic Debt
How To Calculate Karmic Debt

As mentioned before, we calculate our life paths by our birthdate. Specific birthdays may help give us an insight that we may be carrying this debt. To calculate this, take your day, month, and year of birth and add them together. For instance, consider the birthdate March 5th, 1961. For this, you would add 0+3+0+5+1+9+6+1 = 25= 2+ 5= 7. This is life path 7 and corresponds to the karmic debt of 16.

If your birthday doesn’t align with one of these dates. This simply means that there isn’t a specific lesson that you must learn in this lifetime. You are without debt in this life. Here are the karmic debts based on birthdays;

Karmic Debt Number 13

If your numbers align with karmic debt 14 or life path number 4, your karmic debt may be for the selfish behavior of a past life. In a past life, you may have not wanted to face responsibility. So, for your present life, it may be especially important to be authentically true to yourself and express your truths. This will help you to take responsibility for your actions and ultimately repay your karmic debt.

Karmic Debt Number 14

For karmic debt number 14, or life path number 5, then in a past life, there is an issue of giving power and control to others. In your present life, this karmic lesson could be teaching you to take control of your power and not give it away to others.

Karmic Debt Number 16

If you’ve calculated karmic debt number 16, or life path number 7, then you may have been egotistical in the past or hurtful to others. This karmic debt is more difficult to overcome as it is about “proving” yourself worthy. Consider active listening to those around you and being open-minded to other opinions.

Karmic Debt Number 19

Karmic debt number 19, or life path number 1, represents a past life of someone who was either manipulative or selfish. For a debt like this, try encouraging those around you and be supportive of their endeavors.

As we continue to navigate this life it’s important to be mindful of our actions, and in that, mindful of the power behind karma. The universe will bring back to you the energy that you put out. That is why we shouldn’t wish anything harmful to anyone, as the universe treats this like a boomerang, and it comes back to you.

Instead, we should be aware of our actions and be grateful for our circumstances. Always come from a place of compassion and check the motives of why you’re doing something. Ensure that it isn’t about you or that the action isn’t only to benefit something that you want. And lastly, be open to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most difficult step but it is the most valuable as it teaches us compassion for others and ourselves.

There are amazing things that we can accomplish when adopting these karmic beliefs. We’re capable of leading a life that is set with positivity, that cultivates compassion, and no matter what we do act with love.

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